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luxury train travel australia

Taking a luxury train trip across Australia is an extraordinary way to experience the beauty and history of the country. Whether you are travelling between Adelaide and Cairns or Brisbane to Cairns, you are guaranteed to be greeted with a warm welcome by the friendly staff. You will also have the luxury of being able to enjoy all of the amenities provided by the train, including free WiFi and entertainment.

Adelaide to Katherine

Whether you’re traveling with a loved one or just looking for an opportunity to see the best of Australia, a luxury train ride from Adelaide to Katherine may be the ideal way to go. You’ll enjoy spectacular Australian landscapes and a friendly atmosphere in the Ghan’s luxurious lounge. There are two levels of service available, with seat only or full packages to suit your travel budget and requirements.

A luxury train ride offers all-inclusive dining, beverages, and a private en suite, among other amenities. You’ll also have the chance to experience an Outback Experience. These include sunrise and sunset stops, drinks, and food. You’ll even have the chance to ride a camel in the desert.

The Ghan’s new visual identity includes a new menu design, bespoke art-adorned French porcelain dinnerware, and mood lighting. It also features a new visual identity for the cars themselves.

While you’re on board the Ghan, you’ll also enjoy access to the Platinum Club, which includes access to the best wines, champagne, and pre-dinner drinks. The Platinum Club carriage offers a four-course dinner and fresh continental breakfasts.

Adelaide to Darwin

Taking the Ghan train from Adelaide to Darwin is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. The train journey is a four day and three night adventure that takes you across the red centre and outback of Australia. The trip features world class dining and luxurious cabins.

The Ghan travels at rail speed, which allows you to view vast tracts of Aboriginal land and small, rustic railway towns. It also gives you a realistic sense of the scale of the Australian outback.

The Ghan features sleeping cabins, a gourmet dining carriage, and lounge suites. Guests can also upgrade to Platinum Class, which includes access to the Platinum Club carriage, which features pre-dinner drinks and four-course dinners. The Platinum Class also has access to a private cabin steward, a personalised cabin steward service, and all meals and beverages onboard. The Platinum Class can also choose to enjoy breakfast in the cabin.

The Ghan has been a part of the Australian tourism landscape since 1878. In 1929, the train started its journey from Adelaide to Alice Springs. The train is also linked with the Overlander and Indian Pacific railways.

Adelaide to Alice Springs

Using the Ghan train, travellers from Adelaide to Alice Springs can get a real feel for the Australian Outback. Passengers can enjoy a gourmet meal in a comfortable lounge and restaurant, or relax with other travellers in a private cabin. They can also enjoy views of the remote Australian landscape, and witness the beauty of Australia’s Outback.

The Ghan train travels from Adelaide to Alice Springs in two days. It crosses South Australia and then heads north into the Red Centre. The route is a mixture of remote outback towns, such as Katherine, and vast sheep and cattle stations. Passengers can stop in Alice Springs, where they can visit the Desert Park, the Royal Flying Doctor Service Base, and the Todd Mall, which is a museum and community centre.

Passengers can also take a helicopter ride over the MacDonnell Ranges. They can visit the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, which are part of the MacDonnell Ranges National Park. They can also visit the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame and the Road Transport Hall of Fame.

Brisbane to Cairns

Taking a train from Brisbane to Cairns is a great way to see the region. This is because trains are usually less crowded than cars, and there are short stops at stations along the way. Buying train tickets online helps secure your trip. This is especially useful if you are travelling during the high season, as tickets can sell out very quickly.

A Brisbane to Cairns train trip can be made in a day, or you can choose to stay overnight. If you are planning on making a day trip, you can expect to be able to see some of the most popular sites along the coast.

A luxury train has air conditioning, large soft seats, and toilets. Some passengers will opt for the Club Car, which is where they can purchase drinks and meals.

There are several luxury train packages to choose from, including the Ghan. It offers international cuisine, custom menus, and a friendly atmosphere.

The Tilt Train is another option for those wishing to travel between Brisbane and Rockhampton. This journey takes seven and a half hours and connects with the Southern Barrier Reef Islands.

Melbourne to Warrnambool

Getting to Warrnambool from Melbourne can be done with a little planning. You can take a luxury train to get to the city. You can also take a coach that runs along the Great Ocean Road. The train is comfortable and air conditioned, and you can reserve seats.

There are three daily V/Line rail services between Melbourne and Warrnambool. If you book in advance you can save a bit of money.

The train takes around an hour and a half to get to Warrnambool. If you take the quickest route, you will pass by the Western Highway, which continues to Halls Gap. From Halls Gap, you can get to Torquay, Port Phillip, and the city of Geelong. You’ll also get a glimpse of the scenic Blue Mountains.

Once you arrive in Warrnambool, you can get on the Great Ocean Road sightseeing coach to explore the coastal city. You can also take a tour of the Shipwreck Coast. This tour will take you to a number of great sights, including the Twelve Apostles and Loch-Ard Gorge. You’ll also stop at London Bridge and the Bay of Islands.

Adelaide to Cairns to Cairns

Having a private en suite and panoramic windows is only part of the luxury train experience. During your journey, you’ll have access to the Platinum Club for socialising and dining, as well as fresh continental breakfasts in-cabin. This is a fantastic way to experience the true grandeur of Australian outback.

The Ghan is the longest passenger train in the world, at 1.1km long. It connects Adelaide to Darwin and Alice Springs, allowing you to experience the true scale of Australia’s outback. You’ll also enjoy an amazing river cruise along the Murray River.

The journey also includes an Adelaide to Alice Springs excursion that gives you a taste of the comforts of train travel. You’ll pass through vast tracts of Aboriginal land, as well as rustic railway towns. The journey also includes a delicious lunch and panoramic views of the Flinders Ranges.

The trip also includes an overnight stay in Adelaide. You’ll have the opportunity to take in the scenery with a lunch cruise along the Murray River.

The trip also includes a scenic flight over Uluru. You’ll also have an opportunity to see the Northern Territory’s famous Kata Tjuta Olgas. You’ll also visit the Litchfield National Park and the Yellow Water Billabong.

Spirit of Queensland to Cairns

Using the Spirit of Queensland to Cairns train allows you to travel along the coast in a comfortable, modern manner. It also gives you convenient access to holiday destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the Spirit of Queensland is a great way to travel.

The Spirit of Queensland is a Queensland Rail long distance passenger train service. It runs from Brisbane to Cairns five times a week. The journey takes about 24 to 25 hours. It has a maximum speed of 160 km/h. It stops at numerous towns and popular touring destinations along the way.

There are two classes of ticket – Premium Economy and Standard Economy. Premium Economy seats are very comfortable and feature leather seats with generous leg room. They also offer an on-demand entertainment system. During your journey, you will also have access to a USB port, a power point, a reading light, a footrest and a duvet.

Premium Economy seats are a bit more expensive at $370 per seat. These include a 20 kg bag and carry on hand luggage item.

Kuranda to Warrnambool

Whether you are on a holiday or just looking for a relaxing way to see the sights, there are many luxury train trips to choose from. In addition to the amenities of a conventional train, some offer all-inclusive dining, private en-suites, panoramic windows and more.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway is a scenic ride that takes you through the world’s oldest rainforest. Its unique carriages have old-world charm and feature an audio guide to give you commentary of the landscapes you pass. Passengers can take a break at the Barron Falls to enjoy the natural beauty.

The Ghan train is another luxurious option. It links Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin, giving passengers a real sense of the scale of the Australian outback. The train is operated by Journeys Beyond Rail.

The Kuranda Scenic Rail also offers Gold Class passengers a more luxurious experience. It is a relaxing two-hour trip, offering panoramic views of the village and Barron Gorge National Park. The Gold Class experience also includes a commemorative gift pack.