Abel Tasman New Zealand Tours

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Abel Tasman New Zealand tours

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to New Zealand, or a returning visitor, you’ll find that Abel Tasman New Zealand tours are the perfect way to see the best of this wonderful country. With the help of a local tour company, you can explore the country’s most scenic areas, visit stunning beaches, and explore the history of its indigenous people.

Abel Tasman’s life

Known for his discovery of Tasmania, Abel Tasman also mapped the northern coastline of Australia. He was employed by the Dutch East India Company and took part in various trading voyages to Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Born in Lutjegast, near Groningen, Netherlands, Abel Tasman had a very successful career as a skipper. He was employed by the Dutch East India company and was given orders to explore little-known areas east of the Cape of Good Hope and the Solomon Islands. His voyages helped expand imperial powers, such as the United Netherlands, challenge the declining power of the Catholic Spanish Empire.

Abel Tasman had a wife and daughter. In 1631, he married Jannetje Tjaerts and lived in Amsterdam. In 1633, he went to Batavia, now Jakarta, Indonesia, where he became the largest landowner. He died in Batavia in 1659, and his wealth was left to his wife and daughter. He owned 288 acres of town land. During his lifetime, Abel Tasman mapped hundreds of miles of shoreline. He also confirmed that Australia was an island continent. Abel Tasman’s maps were in general distribution and were used by following explorers.

In the spring of 1638, Abel Tasman entered a 10-year contract with the Dutch East India company. In July 1634, he became the master of the small cargo ship Mocha. In 1640, Abel Tasman went on a voyage to the west coast of New Guinea. His voyage was disappointing to the Dutch East India company, as he failed to locate a promising trading route. The company decided to hire more persistent explorers for future expeditions. Abel Tasman and his crew did not sight any Aboriginal people, but they did make a brief stop on December 18, 1642. On December 13, 1642, Tasman and his crew sighted land on the south island of New Zealand. He named the land Tasman Peninsula.

Tasman went on a second voyage to Australia in 1644. He sailed along the north and west coasts of the North Island and the Manawatu coast. In August 1644, he returned to Batavia. He had a successful career, and became the largest landowner in Batavia. Abel Tasman’s wealth was left to his wife and daughter, and he died in Batavia in 1659. His map of the northern coastline of Australia was published in 1645. In 1649, he mapped the Pacific Islands.

Tasman’s success in Australia was an enormous disappointment to the Dutch East India company, which had hoped to discover an island continent. His maps, however, proved that Western Australia and Queensland were part of the same country. He was not the first to make such a discovery. Previously, Pieter Nuyts had sailed east in 1626-27.

Abel Tasman’s life and New Zealand tours have been honoured in the naming of geographical features on the southern coast of New Zealand. His name is still used for many streets in the town of Lutjegast, near Groningen, in the Netherlands.

Coastal Track

Located in the north west of the South Island, Abel Tasman National Park is a small 225 square kilometre area with granite cliffs, crystal clear ocean, and native forest-fringed perfect golden beaches. The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is a popular multi-day trek, and is also one of New Zealand’s Great Walks. There are four tidal areas to navigate, and there are 19 Department of Conservation campsites along the trail. There are also water taxis that pick up and drop off walkers along the way.

Abel Tasman Coastal Track accommodation is moored along the coast, and can be booked in advance. If you’re planning a multi-day trek, it’s recommended that you book your accommodations ahead of time. There are also private transfers available from Nelson to Abel Tasman. It’s also possible to walk the trail in just two days.

The Abel Tasman Coastal Track has four tidal areas to explore, and each requires planning and extra time to cross. There are also several one-off points, which add five to twenty minutes to your trek. Luckily, the track is well-marked, and you can usually find a route to get around them.

The track passes through several bays, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. You will also cross several suspension bridges. The track is also home to many long-nosed fur seals. It’s an excellent walk with epic views. You’ll also pass the oldest native forest in New Zealand. The track is less crowded than the sections south of Totaranui. It also passes Anapai Bay and Mutton Cove. The trail is relatively flat, with only a few small inclines. You’ll also pass the Awaroa Hut. The trail is popular between November and April, and has become one of New Zealand’s Great Walks.

You can hike the Abel Tasman Track in two days, but most people will spend at least one day walking it. You’ll need to plan your timing well, and be aware that rising tides can cause sections of the track to become impassible. It’s also important to make sure that you have a valid booking before starting your walk. If you don’t, you’ll be charged a penalty fee. Abel Tasman accommodation also provides expert guidance on tides.

Abel Tasman Coastal track has a range of accommodation, from cosy cabins to lodges. There are also huts on the coast. Huts are more expensive than campsites, but they are also valid for international visitors. The fees vary by season. They are also less expensive for children under 18 years of age. Abel Tasman Coast Track huts are managed by the Department of Conservation, and visitors must register for accommodation in advance.

Abel Tasman National Park is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand, and it’s home to some of the country’s best beaches. You’ll also find native forests, granite cliffs, and unmodified estuaries.

B&Bs and lodges

Located in Nelson, New Zealand, Abel Tasman National Park is a coastal paradise. It features wild islands, secluded bays, and subtropical forests. It is a perfect destination for a holiday. For those looking for a relaxing break, there are plenty of B&Bs and lodges in the area.

The Abel Tasman National Park is surrounded by beaches that are golden and sandy. It features a variety of water activities including kayaking and swimming. Visitors can also enjoy the area’s subtropical forests and waterfalls. There are also secluded coves and hidden beaches to explore. The park is also home to a large seal colony. There is also a kiwi hatchery. It is possible to take part in a range of New Zealand tours that include a trip to the park.

The Abel Tasman Coast Track is one of New Zealand’s best-known Great Walks. It passes golden beaches and secluded bays. The track is perfect for groups of all ages and abilities. There are also heli-tours and cruises available for those wanting to get a closer look at the park.

The Abel Tasman Guides provide private, en-suite B&B/Lodge accommodation in Marahau. It is the perfect option for those who want to see the park in a more private and relaxed way. Before departure, the guide will give a full briefing. They will also book an evening meal at a local restaurant. The guides will provide maps and track notes. It is important to arrive at the Abel Tasman Guides office in Nelson at least two hours before departure, so that they can make sure they have everything they need.

Another option is to rent a car and drive to the park. This can take around an hour. However, State Highway 60 is rutted around Takaka Hill. If you are travelling in a group, you may wish to choose a smaller boat. The Abel Tasman Coast Track is ideal for two-day walks.

There are also a range of B&Bs and lodges in Nelson and the surrounding areas. These range from affordable, family-friendly accommodations to luxury five-star hotels. During the shoulder seasons, the park is quieter and more peaceful. It is also a good time to explore the forests and waterfalls. Alternatively, there are also many home rentals in the area.

If you are looking for a more luxurious option, The Waters on Kina Peninsula has four contemporary suites. These units have a private deck and solar heated swimming pool. They also offer wine tours and kayaking. The accommodation is located on a three-acre property with gardens. They offer special tariffs for Wilsons Abel Tasman overnight trips.

The Abel Tasman Marahau Lodge is located just steps from Marahau Beach. The chalets have high sloping ceilings and a communal kitchen. The chalets are designed for two to four people. If you are travelling with your family, this is a good option.